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The hAVEn sERIEs

"I knew you'd be able to see. Most people can't, you know. They're so convinced by what they believe must be true that they go blindly through their entire lives, with the truth literally under their noses." 

The old stories - the myths and legends - had a purpose.  They were told to pass on information and warnings about our world and the great forces of good and evil that sweep across history.  Today, most of this lore is forgotten, and the remnants are nothing but amusing tales for children - but what happens when history begins to stir again?

The Traveller's Stone is the first book in this five-part series, where Xander King begins to learn the truth hidden in the ancient stories and discovers that he is not so ordinary after all.  As the forces of darkness begin to rise once more, blurring the boundaries between Haven and his own world, Xander must recover the old knowledge of how to combat an ancient enemy while seeking the truth of his own heritage. The story continues in the second book, The Lore of the Sea, due to be released soon.    

Traditional hob orb from 'The Traveller's Stone' book
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