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The Traveller's Stone

"Haven't you ever thought it was just a little bit odd that those old fairytales - the myths and the legends - are so similar, your world over? They may use different names but, fundamentally, the stories are all the same."

Pursued by terrifying shadows, Xander King is catapulted by a mysterious stone tablet into the parallel world of Haven, where myths and fairytales are all real, and he is faced with extraordinary creatures, ancient secrets and a heritage he does not understand. As the forces of darkness begin to rise once more, blurring the boundaries between Haven and his own world, Xander must recover the old knowledge of how to combat an ancient enemy while seeking the truth of his own heritage.


Discover the mesmerising world of Haven, and the truths long-hidden in the old lore, in this gripping fantasy adventure.  


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S. J. Howland is a former intelligence officer who spent many years living in London before deciding to leave the city and move to Norfolk, where she could see the stars.

Her early life is littered with drafts of books that are best left gathering dust, but one particular story just would not leave her alone until it made it out into the world.  The Traveller's Stone is the first book in a five-part series, available through Amazon and the second book, The Lore of the Sea, will be released in 2023. 


When she is not wrestling with the characters of Haven, some of whom are entirely uncooperative, she may be found roaming by the sea with her dog and reading everything.


October 2019

I am so grateful to LoveReading for their amazing review and for featuring The Traveller's Stone in the 'Indie Books We Love'! Hit the icon below for the full review and also check out their other recommendations - it is a great site for book lovers.

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